Yoga for Beginners
4 Week Workshop

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Yoga for beginners

New to yoga?

Looking for a dedicated introduction to yoga? We know walking into a yoga studio can be intimidating. At Hello Yoga, we really make every effort possible to make things as accessible as possible for new people.

However, getting a solid foundation and understanding on the basics of yoga (and the style that we teach here) will pay dividends as you build your skills and grow in your practice of yoga.

Yoga for Beginners Workshop

We spend 4 weeks discovering what yoga is all about and how we teach here at Hello Yoga. Classes will be in a workshop format, allowing students to ask questions throughout class. During this series, we will also provide modifications that students can use as they grow their abilities.

Week 1

We’ll introduce you to Hello yoga studio and share with you what we think yoga is all about.  Each week of this series you will be introduced to studio basics and history of yoga and what it means at Hello Yoga Studio.  In the first week you will be introduced to the different styles of yoga taught at the studio, along with a basic breakdown of common phrases and terminology you will see at the studio.  This workshop will include demonstrations and open dialect for questions and concerns.

Week 2

The importance of the breath will be introduced in  Week 2. You will be introduced to common standing

poses and balancing poses.   We will break down the pose body alignment and key actions.  At the end of the class we will combine some of the new poses learned.

Week 3

You will learn poses that strengthen the back and improve flexibility in the spine. Twisting postures will be introduced along with the introduction of Sun A.  We will have time for questions and answers, then the class will end with a short restorative practice.

Week 4

In week four we will jump more in depth into Sun Salutations!  During this time we will have a refresher on Sun A and introduce Sun B.  Sun A and B are typically the most common in many yoga practices but at Hello Yoga we like to get creative and be more intentional about how we move.   Using all of the building blocks from the previous weeks we will put everything together to create a short class. Class will end with a mindfulness practice.

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Yoga for Beginners is a 4-week series that runs for 4 consecutive Tuesdays. Each class will be 1.5 hours long, allowing for classroom like teachings paired with yoga sessions.

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Class Times

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7:15 PM – 8:45 PM 

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