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We're incredibly proud of the teachers that we have here at Hello Yoga. Every teacher adds their own personality and experience to their yoga classes. We invite you to take their classes and find the yoga teacher(s) that you connect with best!

Hello Yoga Teacher

Allison Steele


Allison’s classes are a balance of play and laughter fused with a mind body focus.  As dedicated yoga teacher she works to illuminate opportunities to challenge students to show up where they are at on and off the mat.


Karolina Delange


Karolina is an RYT 200 whose classes focus on building basic skills to lead a safe and challenging class.  She also specializes in Buti yoga with a specialization in resistance band training and high-intensity interval training.  I am honored to be invited to guide you through your yoga practice and my intention is to create a space where you feel welcome, accepted, and can explore without abandon. 

Matt and Jessica in studio tree

Jessica Gladden


Jessica is an RYT-500 and a social worker who teaches yoga to help students get into their bodies and notice what they are feeling. She specializes in trauma-sensitive yoga and using yoga to help with anxiety and depression. Jessica’s class will focus on alignment while also using yoga postures and breath to become aware of sensations in the body and calming the mind.


Sasha Saur


As a teacher, Sasha focuses on making yoga accessible, creative, powerful, and to serve as a vessel for students to come and show up for their healing. She believes that the yoga mat is where we can acknowledge fear and discomfort and be liberated as we move and breathe.

Hello Yoga Teacher

Holly Visser


It is Holly’s priority to put safety and proper alignment first in the class setting, but to also include elements of creativity and playfulness to enlighten the beginner as well as lighten the spirit of each in attendance. You will hear the phrase “lots of grace” in class often 🙂


Tori Whitaker


Tori’s classes focus on making her students feel powerful by doing something for themselves body mind and spirit.  Her goal with every class is to allow her students to know that they’re amazing, simply by being and feel all the amazing things their body and mind can do for them. 

Hello Yoga Teacher

Katie Richter


Katie teaches classes that combine fluid sequencing of Vinyasa, meditation through mindful movement, and connection to the present moment through breath. Her goal as an instructor is to cultivate a space where all students feel safe, connected, and have fun in the process!

Hello Yoga Teacher

Adriana Platt


I work to empower others to hold their space in the world and embrace their personal power. I’m excited to be a part of the Hello Yoga team & share my love of this practice with each of you.

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